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One type of person that is common in many countries is the one who always tries to do as little as possible and to get as much 1 return as he can. His opposite, the man who has 2 for doing more than is strictly 3 and who is ready to accept 4 is offered in return, is 5 everywhere.
Both these types are entirely different 6 their behavior. The man who 7 effort is always talking about his “ 8 ”. He thinks that society should 9 him a pleasant, easy life. The man who is always doing more than his 10 talks of “duties”. He feels that the 11 is in debt to society.
The man who tries to do as 12 as he can is always full of 13 . For instance, if he has 14 to do something, it was because he was 15 by bad luck. His opposite is never 16 busy to take on a(n) 17 piece of work. So it is 18 that if you want something 19 in a hurry go to the busiest man whom you have 20 in.
1. A. in B. by C. as D. of
2. A. courage B. enthusiasm C. interest D. sense
3. A. essential B. elementary C. necessary D. principal
4. A. that B. which C. it D. what
5. A. short B. slight C. scarce D. rare
6. A. from B. in C. with D. for
7. A. drops B. withdraws C. avoids D. dislikes
8. A. favor B. advantages C. rights D. priority
9. A. let B. provide C. supply D. grant
10. A. share B. part C. offer D. piece
11. A. collective B. public C. individual D. private
12. A. more B. much C. less D. little
13. A. excuses B. causes C. words D. reasons
14. A. failed B. dropped C. fallen D. missed
15. A. prevented B. protected C. blocked D. refused
16. A. so B. too C. quite D. very
17. A. supplementary B. spare C. auxiliary D. extra
18. A. possible B. advisable C. acceptable D. desirable
19. A. made B. done C. finished D. performed
20. A. interest B. reliance C. faith D. taste
1. A【解析】短语in return作为对……的回报。
2. B【解析】 courage勇气;enthusiasm热情; interest兴趣;sense感觉。have enthusiasm for表示“对…有热情”,据上下文应选择B。
3. C【解析】essential基本的;必要的;elementary初级的,基础的;necessary必要的,必需的;principal主要的,最重要的。necessary强调必需性,强制性,而其它几词更多地强调重要性。
4. D【解析】只有what既可以做accept的宾语又可以引导后面的主语从句。
5. D【解析】short短的,矮的;slight轻微的;scarce缺乏的;稀有的;rare稀罕的;稀有的。在文中表示这种人稀少。
6. B【解析】 in表示“在某一方面”,from表示“从…”,with表示“伴随或带有”,for表示“目的或朝向”,所以此处in符合题意。
7. C【解析】drop降落,下跌;withdraw撤退,撤消;avoid避免;逃避;dislike不喜欢。据上下文可知此处指的是不愿付出较多努力的人,所以选择C。
8. C【解析】favor善意,恩惠;偏好;advantage 益处,优点,优势;right权力;priority优先,优先权。
9. D【解析】let让;provide供给;装备;supply供给,供应(用品);grant允许,授与,文中表示授与某种权力,所以选grant。
10. A.【解析】share分享;份额;part部分;零件;offer提议;提供;piece片,张,块,文中表示获得的东西,所以应选择share。
12. D 【解析】据上下文此处接的是第一种“做的少,要求得到的多的人”,所以选择little。
13. A【解析】excuse借口;cause原因,理由;word词,言语;reason理由,原因,理智。文中表示找借口少做事,所以选择excuses。
14. A【解析】fail to do sth.没能成功做某事。
15. A【解析】prevent阻止;防止;protect保护,守卫;block妨碍,阻塞,封锁;refuse拒绝;推却;原文be prevented by可以与bad luck搭配,表示“由于坏运气没能做成某事”。
16. B【解析】too…to结构是 “太……而不……”的意思。
17. D【解析】supplementary 补充的;附录的;spare备用的;剩余的;auxiliary辅助的;补充的;extra额外的;特别的。extra piece of work表示“额外一份工作”。
18. B【解析】possible可能的;advisable合理的;适当的;acceptable可接受的,受欢迎的;desirable称心的;合意的。原文最后一句表示作者的建议,所以应用it is advisable that…句式。
19. B【解析】do something泛指做事情。perform表演、实施。
20. C【解析】 interest兴趣,爱好;reliance依赖,信赖;taste味觉、味道、品味。have faith in sb. 表示“信任某人”。



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