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Once James Thornhill, a famous English painter, was asked to ___1___ some pictures on the walls of the king's palace in England.

Then workers were sent for and a big platform was made.

With the help of a worker, Thornhill started painting ___2___ the platform. They worked for a whole year and at last the pictures were ready.

Thornhill was ___3___ when he looked at the pictures, for they were really beautiful. He looked at them for a long time, and then took one step back and looked again. Now the pictures were even more beautiful. He took another step, then another. Finally he was at the very edge of the platform, but he didn't know it ___4___ he was thinking of his pictures.

The worker saw everything. “What should I do?” he thought. “Thornhill was at the very edge of the platform. If I cry out, he will take ___5___ step, fall off it and surely be killed. “So the worker quickly took some paint and threw it at the pictures.

“What are you doing?” cried the painter, running quickly forward to his pictures.

1. ___C___

A.at B.by C.paint D.do


2. __ A___

A.on B.in C.at D.to


3. __D____

A.help B.happened C.happen D.happy


4. __B____

A.on B.because C.case D.when


5. __E____

A.the B.other C.one D.on


Mrs. Green's telephone number was three-four-six-three, and the number of the cinema near her house was three-four-six-four. So people often made a mistake and telephoned her when they wanted the ___6___ .

One evening the telephone rang and Mrs. Green ___7___ it. A tired man said, “At what time your last film begin?”

“I'm sorry,” said Mrs. Green, “but you have the ___8___ number. This is not the cinema.” “Oh, It began twenty minutes ago,” said the man, “I am sorry about that. Goodbye.” Mrs. Green was very surprised, so she told her husband. He laughed and said, “The man's wife wanted to go to the cinema, ___9___ he was feeling tired, so telephoned the cinema. The man's wife heard him, but she didn't hear you. Now they will ___10___ at home this evening and the husband will be happy.”

6. __C____

A.answered B.wrong C.cinema D.stay


7. __A____

A.answered B.wrong C.cinema D.stay


8. __B____

A.answered B.wrong C.cinema D.stay


9. __E____

A.answered B.wrong C.cinema D.stay


10. __D___

A.answered B.wrong C.cinema D.stay


It was two o'clock in the morning and it was very dark. Mr Thompson woke up ___11___ wife. “Irene,” he called softly, “the baby's crying.”

Mrs Thompson sat up in bed and listened. “That's not the ___12___, Jim,” she said. “It's a cat!”

“It can't be,” her husband said. “I'll go and look.”

Mr Thompson got up and went to the window. “You're right, Irene,” he said. “There is a cat in the garden. Listen ___13___ it!”

“You must stop it, Jim.” Mrs Thompson said. “That cat will ___14___ up our baby.”

“What can I do?” Mr Thompson asked.

“Throw a shoe at it,” his wife said.

“I can't do that.” Mr Thompson said.

“Why not?” his wife asked. “Can you see it?”

“I can see it ___15___ well,” said Mr Thompson. “But I can't throw a shoe at it. It's sitting on my green-house.”

11. _E____

A.to B.him C.them D.her


12. _C____

A.to B.very C.baby D.wake


13. _A__ _

A.to B.very C.baby D.wake


14. _D____

A.to B.very C.baby D.wake


15. _B____

A.to B.very C.baby D.wake


二、Reading Comprehension(本大题共10小题,每小题2分,共20分)

Mr. Jackson worked in a hospital. A lot of patients went to see him and he was very busy and had little time to have a rest in the day. One night, when he looked over the last patient, it was five to one. He was too tired to say a word and went to bed at once. When he fell asleep, a farmer began to knock at the door and got him up.

“My wife is ill,” shouted the farmer. “Please go and look her over.” Mr. Jackson had to go out with the farmer. It was the coldest night of the year and there was snow and ice on the road. The farmer lived far away from the city and they went through a forest, crossed two rivers and a mountain. After three hours, they got to the short, small house. And they were tired, cold and hungry.

The woman stayed in bed. She looked fine. Mr. Jackson looked her over carefully and found there was nothing serious with her. He became angry. He called the farmer out and said, “Your wife is strong and healthy, you know. Why did you ask me to come here late at night?” “I’m sorry, sir,” said the farmer. “My wife never does anything at home. I thought she was ill. We’re poor. In the day, when you are busy, I can’t go for you. If you come at night when you’re free, we’ll give you nothing.”

16.It was __A___ for Mr. Jackson to get to the farmer’s house.

A.difficult B.easy C.fun D.happy

17.When Mr. Jackson and the farmer got to the house, it was __D___.

A.five to one B.two C.three D.about four

18.Mr. Jackson was angry with __A___.

A.the farmer B.the woman C.the weather D.himself

19.__B___, so he fell asleep soon.

A.It was time to go to bed for Mr. Jackson

B.Mr. Jackson was very tired that night

C.Mr. Jackson felt unhappy that night

D.Mr. Jackson was angry that night

20.The farmer went for Mr. Jackson very late at night because __D___.

A.he wanted to play a joke on him B.he was busy in the day

C.his wife was going to die D.he wanted to save some money

Section B: This section is provided with some questions followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. Decide on the one that best answers those questions.

The lunar (阴历的) New Year always starts between January the twenty-first and February the twentieth.

Before New Year’s Day, people do a good cleaning to their houses. On the last day of the old year, there is a family dinner. All members of the family except married daughters try to come for their meal. After the dinner, they stay late to welcome the New Year.

The New Year Celebration keeps on for a few days. On the morning of the first day, children and unmarried people go to visit their elders. After that, people pay New Year calls to each other and give each other gifts.

During the festival all the main streets are full of people, and if you can get onto a bus without having to fight your way in, you’re really lucky!

21.As we know, January 1 is _D___.

A.the lunar New Year Day B.not a holiday

C.the Spring Festival D.New Year’s Day

22.What day is the lunar New Year’s Eve? D

A.Between December 1 of the old year and January 1 of the New Year.

B.Before January 19.

C.Between January the 21st and February the 19th.

D.After February the twentieth.

23.People do their houses a good cleaning during the last few days of the old year _B___.

A.to welcome family members

B.to welcome the New Year

C.to say goodbye to the old year

D.to welcome married daughter and their husbands

24.It’s the custom __A___.

A.to stay up to welcome the New Year on the lunar New Year’s Eve

B.to stay up late to welcome the New Year on New Year’s Day

C.not to go to bed on December the thirtieth

D.not to go to bed on the lunar New Year’s Day

25.In this passage the writer tells us how people celebrate _C____.

A.the New Year B.the last day of the old year

C.the lunar New Year D.New Year’s Day

三、Vocabulary and Structure(本大题共45小题,每小题1分,共45分)


26.This difficulty _C____ in several ways.

A.could avoided B.could be avoided

C.can be avoided D.must be avoided

27.While reading the newspaper, ___C_____.

A. a colorful advertisement caught my eyes

B. my attention was attracted by an advertisement

C. I was attracted by a colorful advertisement

D. what attracted me was a colorful advertisement

28.The young driver looked over the engine carefully lest it __B___ on the way.

A. goes wrong B.should go wrong C.went wrong D.would go wrong

29.__A_____, I will learn it well.

A. However difficult English is B.No matter how difficult is English

C. However English is difficult D.No matter how English is difficult

30.She listened attentively _A_____ she should fail to follow the speaker.

A.in case B.in C.worried D.in case that

31. Our school __C____ for the summer at the end of June.

A. to be closed B.closing C.closes D.to close

32.Doesn’t he have any sympathy ____B____ the crippled boy?

A. at B.for C.in D.of

33.Dew is formed ____D_____ the grass is thick.

A.Why B.What C.How D.where

34.There weren’t any movie theaters in the town ___C___ I spent my last summer.

A.That B.Where C.which D.of

35. She came __C____ because her car had broken down.

A. by walk B.by foot C.on foot D.on walk

36.Some people do not believe __D___ teaching formal grammar.

A.about B.for C.that D.in

37.___A_____ we beat them ______ they beat us, the match will be enjoyable.

A.Whether, or B.Whether,and C.neither,or D.neither,of

38.It wasn’t such a good dinner ____C____ she had promised us.

A. that B.which C.as D.what

39.Mr. Li ____A_____ the composition once a week last term.

A. had us do B.had us done C.had us to do D.had us do

40.John met an old classmate of his ___B___ his way home.

A. at B.on C.in D.by

41.She lives __C___ 4401 Part Street.

A.in B.on C.at D.to

42.It’s eight o’clock now. You _____C___ be doing your lessons.

A.could B.would C.should D.can

43.I think I’ll stop working soon. I __A____ .

A.am tired B.is tired C.will tired D.must be tired

44.This car, ___C_____ I paid a lot of money, is now out of date.

A.that B.the one C.for which D.for that

45.The meeting ___A____ put off till next week.

A.has been B.will being C.have been D.must being

46.The meat is not ready ___C___ and it _____ has to be cooled for another five minutes.

A. still…yet B.yet…already C.yet…still D.already…still

47.I don't like this one. Please give me ___C_____.

A.other B.some else C.another D.some other

48.Every one in these schools _A____ English well.

A.speaks B.has said C.have spoken D.say

49.“Did you check your paper?” — “No, I __B____ it now.”

A. checking B.am checking C.check D.checked

50.London has a larger population _D____ in the United Kingdom.

A. than any city B.than other cities

C. than all the cities D.than all the other cities

51.Your ideas, ___B____, seem unusual to me.

A. just as hers B.like hers

C. as hers D.different than hers

52.His father is __B_____ than his mother.

A.older two years B.two years older C.elder two years D.two years elder

53.The math problem is __A____ to work out.

A.too difficult B.difficult much

C.enough difficult D.much difficult

54.In the preface ___D_____ my book, I thanked all the people who had been of help to me.

A. of B.in C.for D.to

55.Some members of the staff couldn’t handle Murray’s condition, hard ___C___ they tried.

A. when B.although C.as D.even if

56.He thought that _____C___________.

A. the effort doing the job was not worth

B.the effort was not worth in doing the job

C. it was not worth the effort doing the job

D.it was not worth the effort by doing the job

57.I want __A___ a picture for her.

A.to draw B.draws C.draw D.drawing

58.If you get up ___B_____, you will miss the plane.

A. lately B.late C.latter D.later

59.It is wise ____A_____ the case that way.

A. of him to settle B.for him to settle

C. of his settling D.that he settle

60.Output is now six times ___C_____ it was before liberation.

A. that B.which C.what D.of which

61.The residents, ____D__ had been damaged by the flood, were given help by the Red Cross.

A. all their homes B.all whose homes

C. all of whose homes D.all of their homes

62.He couldn’t find his dictionary __D______.

A. everywhere B.somewhere C.nowhere D.anywhere

63.- You seem to be lost. Need help?

- ____D_____

A.Yes, would you please help me with the bag?

B.Help me find my key, please.

C.Yes, with pleasure.

D.I'm looking for Zhongshan Road.

64.The poem is said ___B_______ into many languages.

A. to translate B.to have been translated

C. to being translated D.having been translated

65.Is that a __B____ car?

A.English B.Japanese C.old D.your

66._____C______________, the worse I seem to feel.

A. The more I take medicine B.When I take more medicine

C. The more medicine I take D.Taking more medicine

67.I, who ___B_____ your friend, will try my best to help you.

A. be B.am C.is D.are

68.If she doesn’t tell him the truth now, he’ll simply keep on asking her until she __A____.

A. does B.has done C.will do D.would do

69.What ___D___ to us if computers can do our jobs?

A.happens B.happened C.has happened D.will happen

70.____A____ had Peter reached school when the bell rang.

A. No sooner B.Only when C.Rarely D.Hardly




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